Import CSV and Excel files

Uploading CSV/Excel files


This section explains how to upload and use CSV/Excel files directly to the Morph platform. This is provided as part of the Canvas functionality and is the easiest way to easily upload your CSV/Excel files and start analyzing them immediately.

For more information on how to use Canvas, see Canvas Introduction.


  1. Show upload modal: Select the database symbol in the bottom center of Canvas and press the Upload CSV / Excel button.


  1. Select file: Press the 'Upload CSV / Excel' button and the following modal will appear. Select any file you wish to import. If you want to use the first line of the file as a header, check the Use the first line as a header checkbox. This ensures that the first line is recognised as a column name, making it easier to specify columns when analysing the data.


  1. Import files: After clicking the Import button, the file is uploaded to Morph and a new sheet cell is generated. This cell will appear in a spreadsheet-like format containing the imported data.


  1. Start data analysis: You can start analyzing the data using Python to statistically summarize, visualize and extract insights.

For more information on Python cells, see Python Cells.