Canvas Cells
Readonly Cells

Read-only Sheet Cells

The Morph platform's sheet cell provides an easy means of importing data from CSV or Excel files. These cells allow intuitive reviewing of data and perform basic data browsing, which can be very useful in the early stages of data analysis. The imported data can be connected to other cells, such as Python (Transform) cells, to serve as a basis for data transformation and further analysis.

Readonly Cell

Key features

  • Intuitive operation: easily view data in spreadsheet format.
  • Direct file import: upload CSV or Excel files directly into sheet cells and have your data instantly reflected.
  • Data Linkage: imported data can be combined with other cells, especially Python (Transform) cells, as part of a data pipeline.


  • Immediate data review: immediately review newly imported data and understand its content.
  • Bridge to Data Transform: create the basis for complex data transformations and analyses by sending data imported from sheet cells to a Python (Transform) cell.

Readonly Editing

How to use

  1. Import data: upload data files to the sheet cell using 'Upload CSV / Excel'.
  2. View data: you can view the data from within Canvas or on the edit screen opened from '>_ Open Editor'.
  3. Data Linking: send data to a Python (Transform) cell for further advanced data analysis.