Morph Basics

Data Utilization

Morph is a data workspace focused on utilizing data rather than storing it.

The importance of collecting and complementing data is understood in modern business, and many companies operate data warehouses and databases. However, making good use of the data collected is not an easy task.

People in all professions need the right data, yet are often required to write complex SQL or have difficulty understanding the data. Morph removes these barriers and maximises the value of stored data by making it easy for everyone to work with.


What Morph aims to achieve

Morph is continuously developing tools that enable:

  • Democratisation of data: granting access to data and analytics regardless of coding skill, including business leaders, engineers, data analysts, and marketing specialists.
  • Collaborate with AI: implement data-focused AI to create a workspace experience that is designed for AI and human collaboration.
  • Focus on the work that really matters: Morph covers infrastructure building, deployment, monitoring, and scheduling; allowing you to focus only on the work that really matters.

What you can do with Morph.

With Morph, you can maximise the value of your data in four steps

  1. connect to your data
    1. connect to databases such as Snowflake, BigQuery, PostgreSQL
    2. import CSV, Excel files
  2. develop a data pipeline
    1. develop in code using Python and SQL
    2. get Morph AI to help with development
  3. operate the pipeline
    1. linking Python and SQL processes together
    2. set up scheduled execution
  4. share deliverables
    1. publish charts and share URLs
    2. output processing results to CSV files
    3. output a report of the analysis results in Markdown

Morph features

As a workspace for data utilization, Morph...

  • Provides a fully managed execution environment: no need to build complex infrastructure to run a mixed Python and SQL data pipeline.
  • Executes standard Python and SQL: you don't need to learn a new programming language or unusual syntax to use Morph.
  • Browser-based development environment: no dedicated machine or setup is required to perform data tasks.
  • Development support from Morph AI: you always have access to development support from an AI specialising in data processing.

Morph Anatomy


In the Morph environment a user may belong to several Teams. Within each Team there can be several Databases. Within each Database there are an assortment of tables, called Sources, where the raw data is stored, typeset, and made available for use.

Data operations can be conducted in Team or Private spaces, with Sources or in the collaborative work environments called Canvases.