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Markdown Cells

Markdown Cells

The Morph platform's Markdown cell is dedicated to the creation of text-based content. The cells make it easy to create organized documents in Markdown format or to explain the results of an analysis. The Markdown cell is ideal for creating project documentation, guidelines for teams and analysis reports.

Markdown Cell

Key features

  • Document creation: create rich text documents using the Markdown format, including headings, lists, tables, images, etc.
  • Interactive editing: real-time previews allow you to see what you are editing on the fly.
  • Project Documentation: consolidate and organize all project-related documentation in one place.


  • Create reports: describe the results of your analysis in markdown cells and create reports that are easy to visualize and understand.
  • Organize project documentation: organize and share information related to project progress with team members.
  • Knowledge sharing: facilitate knowledge sharing by describing what you have learnt and tutorials in markdown format.

Markdown Cell Editor

How to use

  1. Create a document: create a new markdown cell and fill in the text in Markdown format.
  2. Integrate data: see the output from the analysis cell and incorporate it into your document.
  3. Collaborate: share information and feedback with team members through markdown cells.