Canvas Introduction

Morph Canvas

Canvas is a core feature of the Morph platform and a powerful tool for users to perform various data analyses in real-time. Using different cell types, the entire process of importing, processing, analysing and reporting data can be managed in one interactive environment.


Cell types

  • Table: easily import CSV and Excel files and work directly with the data.
  • SQL: execute SQL queries against databases and manipulate data.
  • Python: execute Python code for data analysis and processing.
  • Markdown: write reports and descriptions to document your analysis.

Canvas advantages

Using Canvas offers the following advantages:

  • Interactive operation: drag and drop different cells in an intuitive UI, giving you the flexibility to build the data processing and analysis you need.
  • Real-time analysis: changes and updates are reflected instantly, creating a rapid analytical feedback loop.
  • Versatile data processing: information from different data sources can be integrated and multiple processing techniques can be combined for deeper data insights.


For example, you can upload a CSV file, pre-process the data with SQL, perform data analysis using Python and finally document the process and results in Markdown, all within a single Canvas workflow.