AI Agent
What is AI Agent?

What is Morph's AI Agent?

AI Agent is an AI function for Morph’s Canvas (see here for more information on Canvas) that is able to perform a series of tasks based on instructions from the user.

Simply provide instructions in plain, natural language, and Morph AI will perform everything from suggesting tasks to the actual work of compiling, analyzing and visualizing — from proposal to execution.

Main functions

  • Task proposal: based on the user's prompt, instructions are split into discrete tasks and proposed to the user. The user can choose to execute, request modification, or cancel each task.
    • Execute: executes the proposed task.
    • Request modification: let the Morph AI make the proposal again.
    • Cancel: cancels the instruction.
  • Execute Task (example tasks are shown below)
    • use SQL cells to extract data narrowed down to specific criteria.
    • tabulate values on arbitrary axes using SQL cells or Python cells.
    • visualize aggregation results using Python cells.

Example Usecase

For example, Morph AI can be asked to perform tasks such as aggregating KPIs for each team and for each person in charge within each team, and then plotting these KPIs into graphs.

If a human tries to do these tasks the work time increases linearly with the number of teams; but by asking the Morph AI to do it, the person's own work time can be significantly reduced.


AI Agent is your partner in data processing and analysis tasks. They can significantly increase your productivity by requesting simple but time-consuming tasks and tedious pre-processing.