Analyze CSV File

Analyze CSV File


This section provides an example using Upload CSV / Excel to upload the City of New York's publicly available Air Quality (opens in a new tab) dataset and run a simple analysis on it.


As a preliminary preparation, import the CSV file at Upload CSV / Excel, and then use the Python (Transform) button to create a Python cell.

  1. Upload CSV/Excel Upload CSV

  2. Python (Transform) Python

  3. After importing, press the button '>_ Open Editor' in the Python cell to open the editing window. A brief analysis can be performed here. Edit

Data Analysis

As a simple example, here is a table showing the average change in nitrogen dioxide (NO2) in Manhattan from year to year, based on the data above.

Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) is a pollutant commonly found in car and factory emissions, causing health problems and acid rain.

Converting data with the main function

Within the Python cell editor, the main function has been edited as follows: Analysis

By pressing the Run on Cloud button, the above code was executed by the Morph platform, resulting in the following graph of the transition. Results