Canvas Cells
SQL Cells

SQL Cells

The Canvas SQL cell provides the ability to issue SQL queries directly to the database and display the results. The cell is a powerful tool for performing queries against Morph's built-in database and connected external data sources for real-time data manipulation and analysis.

SQL Cell

Key features

  • Direct SQL query execution: write and execute SQL queries directly against the database using SQL cells.
  • Data display and analysis: query results are instantly displayed in the SQL cell, making it easy to review and analyze the data.
  • Flexible connection of data sources: queries can be executed using the Morph built-in database as well as connection settings to external databases.
  • Integration with other cells: results obtained in SQL cells can be combined with other cells, such as other Python cells, as a basis for further processing and analysis.

SQL Cell Editor

How to use

  1. Write a query: write an SQL query directly in the SQL cell.
  2. Run the query: run the query by clicking the 'Run' button and see the results instantly.
  3. Use the data: the results of the run can be quoted in other cells, allowing you to link multiple cells together to aggregate data and gain insight.