Code Assistant
How to use Code Assistant

Morph Code Assistant

Code assistant is an AI function used in the SQL/Python editor. It can generate code from natural language, edit existing code already written, and correct errors.

Key features

Code assistant is a function for generating, editing, and modifying code while interacting with the Morph AI. Morph AI can be activated from two main locations:

  • The Morph AI tab on the right side of the editor screen.
    • Morph AI performs code generation, etc. based on natural language.
  • Select a range of code on the editor and mark ◆ > Start inline chat.
    • A modal will open where you can interact with the Morph AI, edit your code, fix errors, etc.


  1. To generate code only:

Open the editor, select the Morph AI and specify in natural language the process you want to execute.

Code Assistant

  1. To use at a specified point on the editor:

Drag and select the relevant part and start 'Start inline chat'.

Code Assistant